Elica Ratio 604 60cm Induction Hob - Black Glass


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  • A Built In Elica Induction Hob in Black Glass
  • Number of Cooking Zones - 4
  • Dimensions: W 590 x D 520mm
  • Operating Method - Slider Touch
  • Timer - Don't worry aboout cooking times. Activate the timer and just set the number of minutes to start the countdown. At the end the cooking zone will automatically switch off and a beeper will sound. You can set independent timers on more than one zone at the same time
  • Child lock - This function is valuable to prevent accidental switching on by children or when cleaning the hob
  • Warming mode - This feature was designed for low temperature cooking and ideal for heating liquids without worrying about them over-heating. It is also very useful for keeping prepared food warm
  • Stop & Go - The Stop & Go feature lets you pause all of the features in use on the hob and restore what was previously set with a single touch. Thus combining safety great cooking results and multitask management
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